Ocean Medicine.

Community Connection.


Waves of Grief Collective aims to foster circles of welcome on the ocean's shores. In community we can continue to find meaning in order to keep leaning into the world after loss.. to keep moving waves of grief through the psyches of our bodies and to integrate it.

The ocean is our source of healing, connection and play. 

Rooted in Groundswell model of surf therapy


Free Monthly Drop in Waves of Grief Gatherings


Waves of Grief Collective

This is an opportunity to gather in community to honor, share and witness  personal and collective grief. We start in circle on the sand, then invite everyone to soak in vitamin sea through watching, wading, swimming, boogie boarding or surfing, etc. All are welcome

Every 2nd Sunday of the month

9.30am -11:30am

Half Moon Bay Surfers Beach

San Diego D Street Beach

Santa Monica State Beach Tower 24

Ventura Solimar Beach ​


The Collective


San Diego Pain & Trauma Institute

San Diego, CA

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Ventura, CA


Groundswell Community Project

San Diego, CA


Mourning Surf

Santa Monica, CA

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Surf Therapy Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA


myPEAK Foundation

Virginia Beach